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The beautiful town of Banbury is generally known as a market town in Oxford close to Bicester, Witney and Abingdon In addition, it is a very significant commercial and retail center for the surrounding region which is generally rural. Various industries exist in Banbury such as electrical goods, car components, food processing, plastics and printing which at times may need some things moved or stored in case they tend not to fit or are no longer required within the premise. With this in mind, A. G. Jacob & Sons is the one stop company to visit with regard to removals, storage and packaging. Why Choose A.G. Jacob & Sons Removal Services?

1. Efficient

The company has been around since the year 1824 hence, the people hired as well as the individuals running the removal business know well how to handle different packages with regard to packaging, storing as well as removal. The staff is well-equipped in terms of knowledge in packing and transportation hence, one`s item is always safe.

2. Accountable

When it comes to accountability, A.G. Jacobs & Sons will definitely step up and ensure that one`s goods are safe and well protected from any form of damage. The company is able to provide various packing tools such as boxes, tape, bubble wraps as well as wrapping paper which help secure one`s items.

3. Reliable

When it comes to the services offered by the company, many customers have actually considered it to be very reliable as the services provided by the company are of a very high standard from the commercial removals to the domestic removals the staff is able to handle one`s items very carefully as well as store them well under the conditions required by the item. Nevertheless, the company also is able to give one estimates which do not exceed what they`ve quoted hence this may help one plan easily how well to move and how much money they may need while considering the removal of various items or an item from one place to another. They are also able to undertake both short and long distances in terms of relocation while carrying either part of the load or the whole of it. Thus, one need not worry as the company is well able to provide a service that will easily cater to the needs of the clients.

4. Friendly Service

Nevertheless, one will easily find that the staff is respectful, friendly, helpful as well as very polite while handling any client. The staff have been taught on how best to treat a customer and still do their job to the fullest. This is a quality that the A. G. Jacob & sons company has been able to uphold.

5. Safe

In terms of security, one need not fear as the warehouses are fitted with state-of-the-art alarm systems as well as fully guarded both day and night by the Red Care alarm system. One is also allowed access to their item during weekdays in case they are worried after it has arrived. The storage space may either be short or long term at the end of it all one is assured that their items are safe In conclusion, the A. G Jacob & Sons is the best removal company that one could opt for. For more information visit or call 01865762524.


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