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Removals can be one of the most stressing thing that one may be considering as some items tend to be very precious and fragile. Hence, hiring the right company who actually know how to deal and pack different items is always an important aspect to consider. In the town of Bicester in Oxford, surrounded by Banbury, Abingdon & Witney one need not look any further as the best company to hire to do the job is simply the A.G. Jacob & Sons. The company has been around since 1824 hence have a lot of experience in the field as well as expertise as they are able to give the best services in the local area. What Services Do They Offer?

1. Commercial Removals

When it comes to moving offices, A.G. Jacob & Son is the best option in Bicester as they are able to undertake both internal moving jobs which may involve the moving or dismantling of furniture if necessary. They also tend to provide packaging materials and can easily pack for a company or if one opts to pack themselves then they are still very much allowed.

2. Domestic Removals

When it comes to domestic removals, the company is able to provide individuals with experienced as well as very friendly staff who aid in making the process run as smoothly as possible while still being given the best value for one`s money. In addition, one can easily choose either to pack themselves or simply have the item(s) packed by the works of A.G. Jacob & Son with regard to the type of package that they opt for. The company simply is able to provide one with packing materials i.e. cartons, boxes and bubble wrap. In addition, the company is able to give free estimates hence one can easily plan themselves and end up saving money instead. They are able to cover both long and short distance relocation effectively and carefully hence, one need not worry about items being damaged.

3. Secure Storage

When it comes to storage services, the company is able to suit one`s need with no hustles. The storage of the items is normally safe as well as secure hence one need not worry as the company has it all handled. In addition, the item once it has been safely kept in the container provided by the company, it is well manned and safely kept away in warehouse which is under constant supervision both day and night and one is actually allowed to access their items on weekdays if they so wish. The storage facility is available for both commercial and domestic customers.

4. Packaging

When it comes to packaging, A.G. Jacob & Sons is one of the best companies to deal with around Bicester as they are able to supply all the items one simply needs to pack such as bubble wrap. Wardrobe cartons, china cartons, tape & wrapping paper, large miscellaneous cartons, linen carton as well as book cartons. Thus, have one sorted out when it comes to removals and shipments. They also are able to provide crates for different items that need to be moved in firm support structures. In summary, for ease of mind and assurance of professionalism, visit or call 01865762524. Nothing but the best services for one`s items.


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