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We have a range of packaging materials available, here are samples of what we can provide:

Bubble Wrap

We can supply bubble wrap commonly used for wrapping pictures or fine China / glass.

Tape & Wrapping Paper

We also supply tape and wrapping paper which is very handy when moving house. Tape of course can be used for sealing cartons and paper for wrapping everyday china.

Wardrobe Cartons

These cartons are ideal for transporting hanging garments.

Large Miscellaneous Cartons

Our large miscellaneous cartons are perfect for large duvets, large pictures and anything else bulky that you may wish to transport.

China Cartons

These china cartons are great for china, glass, lightweight breakables and fragile items.

Book Cartons

The book cartons we provide are of cource ideal for transporting books and can also be used for CDs, DVDs and even tinned and dried food.

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