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Top Packing Tips for House Removals

One of the most time-consuming and frustrating elements in house removals is packing. If it’s cost-effective for you, then hiring a removals company to do the packing for you can save time and prevent severe packing anxiety. However, if you are doing the preparation yourself, we have some handy tips to make it more manageable.

Choose the right materials for the job

Oxford has an abundance of shops that can sell you the packaging materials you need. Ensure that the boxes have thick enough cardboard to provide adequate protection for fragile items. Also, use quality packing tape. The house removals company you use will handle the boxes multiple times, and the tape will need to stand up to this.

How to pack your boxes

When packing, you will need to consider how comfortable the boxes will be to handle. Therefore you should place bulky and heavy items in as small a box as possible. It will make it easier to handle and carry. Place lighter items in larger boxes to maximise space and ease transport. Try to pad your things as much as possible with tea towels, clothes and other domestic fabrics to limit movement within the box during transit.

Labelling saves time

Keeping a detailed inventory of what is in each carton and labelling the box exterior may seem excessive. Nevertheless, it will save you time when it comes to unpacking. You can even go to the lengths of devising a colour-coded system for your labels. Using such a method can drastically reduce the time it takes a house removals company to offload your items on moving day. If you live in Oxford and would like to secure the services and advice of an expert house removals firm, contact our team today.