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Prepping for House Removals

It’s one thing to have a house removals company in Oxford transport your stuff, but it’s another thing entirely to know what to take with you. Removing unwanted or unnecessary clutter from your home is one of the chief determiners to successful house removals.

Do you need to declutter?

Not everyone has a home that resembles a hoarder’s paradise, but until you begin clearing rooms in anticipation of moving you can underestimate just how much stuff you can accumulate. One of the primary motives for a thorough clearout is to reduce the number of items you pay for a house removals company to move. Fewer boxes mean less expense and money saved in the costly world of property ladder navigation. It will also assist the removals company in providing a more reliable assessment and quote if you possess an accurate inventory.

Where do you begin?

At first, the thought of sifting through years of acquired possessions may seem daunting. The best place to start is with a plan. List all of the rooms in your Oxford home and cast an eye over each room. Work out which rooms will take the longest and tackle them first. Try to muster as much ruthlessness as you can. For items that you can’t bear to dispose of maybe consider donating them to a charitable cause—the more time, you give yourself to do this, the better. Moving day can be a stressful experience and the more effort you put into extricating some of your jumble, the smoother it will be. Not to mention the therapeutic power of removing unnecessary earthly possessions. So when you’re ready to move, contact A.G Jacob & Sons, for expert house removals in Oxford.