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Choosing a removals company versus moving yourself

When it comes to arduous tasks in life that none of us wants to do, not many things come higher in that list than moving. The big question however remains; should you do it yourself or hire a removals company in Oxford to do it for you? There are many variables at play here that we will discuss below.

How much are you moving?

If you are relocating a few small items in a small inter-city move, then a DIY approach might be best suited to you. Even emptying and moving from a little flat can be done by one or two people, although if there are heavy lifting and stairs involved, it is generally best to seek help from the professionals. They are trained in safe lifting and will have a better understanding of how much weight they can safely lift. Also, having a removals company transport only a few items might not be the most cost-effective solution.

Where are you moving to?

How far you are moving will have a significant bearing on whether or not you hire a removals firm. If you are moving from one town in Oxford to another, it should be something you can undertake yourself so long as the items are only small. For long-haul removals, we would always advise people to hire a professional firm specially trained to pack and transport goods over long distances.

A compromise?

Some removals companies will provide discounts for clients who pack their possessions before removal, which can reduce the overall cost but will also take up your free time. However, packing your goods yourself and briefing the removals firm on any fragile or delicate items can free you up to concentrate on more pressing matters come moving day.