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How to Spot a Moving Scam

In the majority of cases, any removal companies in Britain or Oxford you may employ will be trustworthy and law-abiding. However, there will always be individuals looking to make a quick quid out of people. We’ve put together a list of scenarios and requests to be aware of when hiring removal companies in Oxford.

Be wary of unrealistically cheap quotes

If you contact several removal companies in Oxford for a quote and one of them is particularly low, you have every right to be suspicious. In terms of the most widely recognised scams, price hiking is undoubtedly one of them. Removal companies will provide a low quote, seemingly too good to be true. Then, on moving day they will add additional costs because they claim you have more boxes to move than they quoted for, or that there were unknown logistical issues to resolve. Whatever justification they use to increase the total costs you can be sure it is a fraudulent practice. To try and prevent this scenario, it’s always critical to receive written quotes on official letter-headed documents with the company details.

How to deter would-be thieves

Even if the quote and company seem legitimate, you cannot always be sure of their staff. Although very rare, there are instances of theft carried out by removal companies. If on moving day, you and a couple of other people are around and unpredictably entering rooms at any given time, it can help deter any theft from occurring. Also, if you are concerned about valuable items, pack them separately and take them with you.

As previously mentioned, most removal firms operate with integrity and the best of intentions. If you are looking for a reputable and hardworking removals firm in Oxford, look no further than A.G Jacob and Sons.